Beloved, you are the stars. A shining glimmer in the dark. So be bright.

Be kind, young ones. Be considerate, caring, and comforting.

You are the seedlings. We tend, you grow. Grow strong in Him. Seek life.

Beloved, you carry the hope. Beautiful jewels in the making. So be hopeful.

Be the clay, little stones. Change and form, let wisdom line your hearts.

You are the arrows. Stay true, be sharp. Aim far, and pierce with courage.

Beloved, you are the singers. Learn the melody. So proudly sing His Song.

Be patient and gentle. Be humble and respectful. Help others.

You are the love. Devotion hard at work. Remember and pass along.

My precious stones, my beloved: be lovely. And be loved–be so incredibly loved. Be His.

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