Hello, You

MTittel_20160511_8104035rHello you, your favorite color’s blue

Bright and bold and beautiful.

Hello you, you love planes and cranes,

Your two wheeler. You’re beautiful.

But can you please slow down? Can you just stay here a little while?

I want to adore that smile

Before it gets too big, weighed down by all the things

A grown up life will bring.

Hello you, your hands are full of mud and all

The things the make you you.

Hello you, my heart is full of joy and all

The things I want for you.

I helped you start to grow, and now you want to go…

Hello you, eyes are bright and blue

Same as the day you opened them.

Hello you, your spirit’s full of true

Goodness I didn’t know when I held you then.

Can we go back to then?


Or could you slow down? Could you stay small?

Give me a chance to blink, before I miss it all?

But can’t we just stop here, so I can keep you near

For just a little time. Too soon you’re gonna fly.


Hello you, ten years down the line

Driving, all things young and fine.

Hello you, tall and forging forth

Leaving all the blue behind.

How did we get right here? When we were just back there?


Remember to slow down. Rest here a little while.

You need to just stop and smile.

Cause it comes so fast, and I want you to last

See yourself as I do, my precious Crew.

Will You slow him down? Will You guard him?

Will You keep him from all the things I can’t?

And will You show him who You really are?

Cause all I want for him is for You to have his heart.

And will You build him into a man of faith,

So he can grow up strong and someday lead the way?



Hello you, five and by my side

Soaking up today with you.

Hello you, in case you never knew

I’ll never stop loving you.

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