Dear Baby B

Dear Baby B,

Before you were even known to them, they loved you. From the moment you surprised them with your life, a smile of shock spread across their faces and joy lept inside their hearts. You were tiny. You were weak. And you were theirs.

Your mama and daddy, they didn’t expect to find you but you showed up long enough for them to fall in love with your precious face. Every day your little heart beat along they prayed over you. From the moment you appeared in their lives, your parents praised your Maker for the blessing of your life. And while you fought to hold on, an entire army of people joined them, pleading the Lord to help you. To save you.

And He did. In His sovereign plan He saw all the struggling, the fighting. He saw your little frame swollen with fluid. He watched your heart as it pumped life saving blood to your twin, sustaining his or her life while you faded away. He held your heart when it stopped, and He pushed it along to start it again. Your daddy stood there in that room, praying fiercely for your life while your mama breathed as slow as she could to keep things calm so you could press on. And God in His mercy gave them another day with you. Until the moment came when He called your name, welcoming you into glory. And while your body remains safely tucked next to your growing sibling and your mama’s beating heart, you have gone before us.

There you are, at 21 weeks of age, standing before the most glorious King who knows the pain of losing a Child all too well. And He picks you up in His hands, giving you refuge. You feel no pain, no loss, no grief. Your struggle is over. You only feel an unsurpassing joy to have met the One who gave you life. And with your little voice you sing praises to His name because He rescued you.

Here in the fallen earthly realm, we can’t see what you see. We don’t understand, but we know there is no better place for you to be. And so we grieve. Your parents cry and miss and feel a pain all its own. How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve never met? But with the pain comes the healing, and with the healing, comes peace. Your life, while we will always miss it, had a divine purpose. And as you spend eternity ¬†praising the Creator of all things, we praise Him too. For you. For your sibling. For being apart of this family.

Thrive in Glory, sweet baby. Take joy in your everlasting heavenly life. And when we have done the work here, we will be right behind you, ready to praise the Giver who saves us all.

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