When you were a baby, I sang you this song. A familiar childhood melody drifting over you, a simple anthem that held all the things I thought of you as I rocked you to sleep each night. Questions about who you were, and are, and would one day become.

Tomorrow marks another journey around the sun for you, and you are still a wonderful mystery. At times I am in awe of you, glittering in front of me, lighting up my life as the stars illuminate a night sky. Sparkling, spinning, dancing around the moon, a delicate and yet brilliant performance that only a daughter can give. Your whole self a constellation of diamonds, the most precious picture of who you are.

And at other times I watch you in complete bewilderment, as one watches exploding balls of fire whirling a billion miles away. I find myself asking the same questions, wondering who you are and who you have yet to become. What shape will your life take in the end? Which influences now will you pattern yourself after? And what is the raging fury producing that will one day shine so brightly?

You are a star, my sweet. A beautiful, complex illumination in the expanse that is my life, lighting up my whole world and leaving me breathless as I watch you take shape. Even though you don’t need lullabies anymore, I still sing this to you when you sleep and will sing it forever in my heart, so that one day when you are all grown up and feel lost in your life, the words will remind you of home, calling you back to the people and the One who loves you most.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder who you are?

Laying in my arms so sweet,

Drifting quietly to sleep.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,

Do you know how loved you are?

Do you know how loved you are?

Happy birthday, little star. Thank you for filling my life with so many glittering moments.

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