The Ballad of You and Me

When you were a boy, you fell off of your bike.
When I was a girl, I fell into your arms.
I gave you my words, my smiles, my dreams.
You won me over with your adventure and charms.
God breathed His glory,
Spun a fairy tale story.
You were my world,
And I was your angel.
So you asked for my hand,
You gave me a band—

Gold inset with
sparkling, precious stones.

Honeymoon lasted three years and a fortnight.
Babies swooped in and took all our spotlight.
Toys in the kitchen, days filled with crying
Sibling rifts and tweenage lying.
Our life got real busy,
the kids made us dizzy.
I spin and I whirl
trying to find you.
But there on my desk,
lies your love letter.
And you ask me to dance,
I’ll do you one better.

And give you my heart,
right down to it’s precious stones.

Everyone wants a love like we’ve got
but nobody knows the battles we’ve fought.
The burdens we carry,
the shoulders grown weary—
from the dreams we’ve chased down,
from the ones that we’ve died to.
You turn out the light, our prayers filled with sighing.
I lay by your side, we never stop trying.

It’s why our love holds
through cracks in the precious stones.

Onward we hike, through briars and daisies,
Pushing uphill, adventure’s awaiting.
Trudging’s hard work.
It wrinkles the skin,
breaks down the body
but build souls within.
One day we’ll look back
and admire the glory.
The critics may mock
but we’ll know the story

of what trails behind us—
worn path forged of precious stones.

I started writing of two stones in a river.
Didn’t know then God would give us a quiver.
They came and they grow and one day they’ll leave,
step out to discover their own mysteries.
Still we’ll wade in the blue eddies and whirlpools
Dig in the sand, scoop up the jewels.
In the cold and deep, with your hand in mine,
we’ll learn all the lessons He gives us to find.

Our love, it’s so rich.
Our treasure the outcome
of two hearts knit to one
by the River we’ve come from.

Love, can you see?
We’re the two precious stones.

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