Whatever Comes Next

A blessing for Mike

Welcome, welcome wonderful boy.
The earth is your playground, and you are it’s joy.
Born under the June moon, will you pass the test?
And illumine the way, whatever comes next?

Boyhood brought bikes, bangs, and the rush.
No mountain of dirt that you couldn’t crush.
Manhood brought mountains, canyons, and streams,
left footprints behind on Earth’s greatest peaks.
Camera in tow, you found your stride,
etched out a living, bursting with pride.
When everyone veered left, you’d zag to the right.
A path in the dirt, a map of your life.
Push it on forward, never stop for a rest.
Hungry, searching for whatever came next.

And then you met her, your life’s biggest rush.
She was for real, way more than a crush.
Together you planned out new paths to explore,
a career, wife, and kids—never planned on all four!
And so this strange mountain of family you climb.
Your pack full with their hearts; you won’t leave them behind.
You push ever onward, with a lot more in tow.
The load grows more heavy, but your pace never slows.
Because the thrill of their smiles puts life in your chest.
You’re leading them onward, showing what’s next.

But the problem you face when you race to the top
is when it’s over, it kills you to stand in one spot.
Cause out there it’s bold, its fresh, and its new.
Let’s go for it all, there’s so much to do!
But you can’t be there when you’re over here.
Two places calling you, your greatest fear.
Will you say “yes” when the phone rings?
But how to stay close? That pendulum swings.
Do you let it all go, the best part of your plan?
Do you lay it all down for them, a true mark of a man?
So you wrestle with it. It seems your life’s quest
is when you’re faced with the choice of who to be next.

Arms filled with kiddos, and hand holding hers,
you lead them all forward, unsure what’s in store.
You question and linger and sometimes look back,
hoping what lies ahead will fill up what you lack.
But even in slow times there’s more to behold.
There’s a drive deep inside you, there’s more to unfold.
You find your footing, then miss a small step.
Scrape a knee, camera swings, but they’ve got your back.
Cause five is a lot when they’re all looking to you.
But five is a lot when you’re their hero, too.
And so the question it fuels you, and it leaves you perplexed:
How do I do this? What happens next?

From my view I watch you, Wild Man and my love.
I smile. You’re thrilling, when you push beyond and above
what you thought you could do, who you thought you would be.
You’re more than the dreams you had at 23.
Committed and skilled, this man I behold.
Creative, fulfilled, his measure untold.
Some call you old man, say your strength is a feat,
But I know all that gusto is just the way your heart beats.
Because one day you’ll look back and you’ll see it all.
How you were the moon, how you answered His call
into adventures and into the fun,
reflecting a future bright as the sun.

And here in this moment you stand steady by
knowing how well you love defines your life.
You’re ready for the highs and for the tough steps.
Ready, so ready, to give Him your best.
Ready, so ready, for whatever comes next.

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