The Dream You have Become

On the day you were born I held you,
baby filling up my little arms.
Grin so wide my jawline swelled, pride bursting through my cheeks.
I couldn’t wait to tell the whole world
that my baby sister, she’s pink as a whisper
and gold as the summer's dawn.
We’ll be lifelong

Cause this life, it’s a treat. And this world is rosy.
She’s lovely and sweet, so tender and cozy.
One day she’ll know how much I love her so.

You grew strong and tall,
found words and a song.
Caught the magic hidden in life’s mundane,
and only poetry soothed when it couldn't be explained.
Stained glass cathedrals in the littlest things--
calling you forward, drawing you outward.

But this world, it’s cruel. And this life is scary.
You’ve taken some hits. No wonder you’re wary.
But one day you’ll see, you’re the work of art.

Shadows creep in. You squirm in your skin.
Doubt filling up all your safe spaces and corners.
Do you have what it takes to offer something that’s yours?
To leave a mark that opens some doors to the light?
Dust on your mantle and broken chair pokes your back,
yet the light seeps in through the tiniest crack.
Soaked right down through your skin, flooded your heart deep within.
Gave you strength to stop the swirling and get back on track.
Like water to ice cubes and flour to cake
The work of soul-building, it’s not for the faint.
One day you’ll find, the doubt is all in your mind.

Cause this world, it’s rough. And this life takes grit.
You’ve weighed the hard things. Had to fight for all of it
But today you’ll show up, and you’ll be the best self you’ve got.

Crystal from dust, and sparkles from rubble.
A jeweled montage from all of life’s troubles.
You sought out the divine
and found your own design.
Like a tapestry woven in you
His love and abundant life.
A gift to your family, your glorious ways.
Magnificence staring you back in the face
when the mirror shows you, a reflection of grace.

Tomorrow brings joy 
and trials aplenty
You ask for a reason, 
I’ll give you twenty
For why you must know…

That this world, it’s rich, and this life’s a journey.
To choices and truths, you’ve yet to face many—
Enchanting milestones, broken heartbones, 
Sundrop dune rays, cracked mirror displays,
Life in the minor key. Joy more than you thought it could be.

But I hope that in this great maze, 
through the seasons and doubts and the haze,
I hope that one day you’ll see, 
you’re already who you dream to be.

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