Summer Girl

13220765_10154204067272558_3489939116661034578_oShe is all sunshine and butterflies. A warm, sweet personality from day one. This week my July Ruby turns two years old. And what a beautiful two years it has been.

Her birth–magical and rare–left the entire hospital buzzing, each nurse wanting to catch a glimpse of the baby born completely enclosed inside the cozy sac that kept her safe for nine months. Those first few weeks with her were bliss. A baby so good and so sweet, it was hard to find a reason to complain about life with a newborn. She was content, and happy; the dream baby who almost never cried.


And as she got older, we only fell more hopelessly in love with the little dear. She began to reveal her sweet disposition and easy-going nature, with just enough spice to keep things a little interesting. Soon she was walking, then talking. Language came fast, words exploding to sentences, and sentences into thoughts. In my shock, she even started to voice her feelings, a task her older brother still struggles with.

Today songs of all kinds fill our home, usually coming from her little voice toddling around. Where five year old feet pound down the hall, two smaller ones can be heard never far behind. Big brother is her best friend, even with the daily skirmishes. This little girl loves her family; loves being apart of life with the three other people that make up her world.

Someday she will gain more independence. She will more forcefully exercise her will. Eventually she will have preferences on toys and games and what she wants for dinner. A time is coming when more will be expected of her; more will be asked. Life will bring change, and new waves of maturity will swell in her.

But for now, I hold my Ruby close. I cherish the ease of her agreeable nature and celebrate the wonderful joy she has brought to our family. Sunshine and butterflies–summer in the shape of a little girl.

Happy Two Years, my darling.

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