Fears of the Homeschool Mom

What if they’re right? What if all the tests and scores and papers are worth the fight for their little minds.

What if the system wins? What if the proven track is where success really lives? Even if dreams die.

What if they say “they need to know all of this before graduation day.”  What happens if it’s not enough, and they fail? Will I fail too?

Do I give them tools and scrap the rules? What if the all the lists and “need to knows” are really true? What does it prove?

But what if they’re wrong. What if I should have trusted my heart all along? What if my first guess was really the right one? What if they’re wrong?

And what if I’m right? What if the answer to all they need to know is found in living life? What if they love to learn and learn to love without textbooks. Despite the looks.

And what if they’re strong? Learning and growing as we go along. Should we go along?

And what if I’m brave. And I stick to this despite what the critics say? I trust in You. Can they trust me too?

What if this whole thing is all we ever dreamed and so much more? They’re worth so much more.

Am I wrong? Am I right? Jesus, give me the answers I need tonight.

Give them what they need for life.

One thought on “Fears of the Homeschool Mom

  1. If you’re doing what feels best for your children, trust in your mother’s instinct, even if it goes against society’s expectations. If you feel a calmness when you pray, that is confirmation. I think you’ve got this, mama. Believe in yourself. 🙂


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